■ 1955: Founding of Watanabe Productions
Distinguishing itself from talent agencies which made their income off the performance fees of their entertainers, Watanabe Productions established a new business style wherein original recordings of vinyl record, television programs, and movies were produced in-house.
The company is a pioneer which worked to commercialize and modernize the performing arts business in Japan.

■ 2000: Founding of Watanabe Entertainment
Inheriting the venture spirit of Watanabe Productions, the company's management and production divisions were spun off to form Watanabe Entertainment.
The company is a comprehensive entertainment business which not only manages artists of all genres but also takes part in all forms of entertainment content production, including television and internet program production and broadcasting, stage performances, merchandising, and online content.
In addition, the company now has three locations in Japan aside from their main office and is working to realize multilateral development by operating training schools for their artists and staff, running their own entertainment venues, and other activities.
The company has been aiming to spread high-quality Japanese culture throughout the world since their inception and has already produced successful Asian tours for such performers as Shoko Nakagawa, Yuki Kashiwagi, and Little Glee Monster.

■ 2019: Founding of Watanabe International
Further developing upon past achievements, Watanabe International was established so that the entertainers of Watanabe Entertainment can strive to play an active role in a variety of fields on a global scale.