Kashiwagi Yuki

Born July 15th, 1991. Blood type B.
A native of Kagoshima.
A member of AKB48’s Team B and its sister group NGT48’s Team NIII.
In 2017, she gave a surprise performance at France’s Japan Expo.
In 2018, she successfully completed the “Yukirin World Live in Asia 2018, Sleeping and Waking in Yukirin’s World: Enthralling Everyone Across Asia” tour in China, visiting Shanghai, Chongqing, Taipei and Hong Kong, and attracting 6,000 people across 4 cities for 5 concerts. This also marks the first time that a AKB48 member has done a solo tour overseas.
She also published “An Idol is Born: I’m going to be in AKB48?!” (Shogakan), the first junior novel by a current idol; appeared in the historical drama “Segodon” as Sono Saigo; starred in “Is this Love a Crime?!” her first leading role in 5 years; and released a limited edition single of the opening theme song “You’re so Cold,” among various other solo projects.
She is the ambassador for “Upgrade,” a project by lingerie brand Ravijour with the theme of growing from a girl into a woman. Yuki has announced a collaborative lingerie line with the brand, among other new projects.