Jason Danielson

(Atsugiri Jason)

Top 10 finalist for Japanese annual national standup comedian tournament R-1 Grandprix 2015 and 2016 
Jason gives over 50 lectures a year about his unique take on the differences of business, education, 
customs,and many other aspects between Japan and the US with a unique blend of information and humor. 
He also regularly appears on several kids educational TV programs as well as provideshis unique perspective 
commentary on various Japanese news TV programs. In addition he acts in a variety of roles in various TV dramas. 
【Work Experience】
Software Engineer@GE Healthcare Started Japan office of US IT company Started US office of Japanese IT company 
B.S., Computer Science - Michigan State University – 2007
Master Computer Science - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - 2010 
・NHK Educational TV「Let’s play in English with Orton
・NHK Educational TV「WHY!? Programming」 
・NHKBS Premium「Bushimeshi!2」 (Drama) 
・NTV「The Genius BAKABON3」 (Drama) 
・「Business Cat」 (Comic Translation)
・「Jason’s formula for English Acquisition」 (Book) 
・「48 Questions for the Japanese People」 (Book)
・NHK Educational TV「Let’s play in English with Orton」 (DVD)
・NHK Educational TV「WHY!? Programming」 (DVD)