Nakagawa Shoko

As a singer, actress, voice actress, television personality, and illustrator, her talents span many fields.
Her special skill is illustration. She is quite at home in Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese.
As an artist, her representative works are “Sorairo Days,” the theme song for the animated TV program “Gurren Lagann,” and “Dori Dori,” the ending theme song for the animated TV program “Pokémon XY.”
She has performed abroad many times, including at Anime Expo 2008 in Los Angeles, Japan Expo in France, @JAM in Shanghai 2015, Anisong World Matsuri in Los Angeles, and Anisong World Matsuri at NYC in New York.
Starting with her first Asia tour in 2012, she held concert tours in Hong Kong in 2013 and 2014, and is very popular with overseas fans. 
As a voice actor, she has played numerous roles, including Rapunzel in the movie “Rapunzel in the Tower” and Ann Ewing in the Japanese voice-over of 2018’s “Venom,” and has received acclaim for her voice performances.
She is involved in projects at the national level to spread Japan’s culture to the world, representing Japan both as a member of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Special Olympics Commission and as a special supporter of the 2025 Osaka World Expo. She is also at home in the world of Japan’s subcultures, participating in the 2018 Tokyo Comic Con as an ambassador.