Little Glee Monster

This five-member female vocal group formed with the goal of making their mark on people’s hearts with their polished vocals.
Armed with powerful voices, sophisticated a capella singing, and clear harmony, they debuted in 2014 with “After School High Five.”
They captivated audiences in Hong Kong in 2014 and San Francisco in 2015, fulfilling their dream of becoming an international vocal group. 
Many fans come to Japan just to see their live performances.
In 2017, they performed as a supporting act for the Japan concerts of international artists Earth, Wind & Fire and Ariana Grande.
With their fan base in Japan growing steadily, at the end of the year, they made their debut on NHK’s New Year’s Eve television special Kohaku Uta Gassen, a national favorite that has been broadcast for more than half a century. 
In 2018, Little Glee Monster went on their first arena tour in Japan. 
In the summer, they took a big step towards their dream of a world tour with their first Asia tour in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
At the world premier for the movie “Mama Mia! Here We Go,” Little Glee Monster appeared as ambassadors for Japan, performing the “Dancing Queen” a capella in front of the members of ABBA, 
who endorsed their performance as “Very pure!” 
At the 2018 MTV EMA (Europe Music Awards), Europe’s largest music awards show, 
they were awarded the Worldwide Act prize for Best Japan Act, a strong affirmation of their high vocal talent. 
At the end of 2018, they will give their second performance in a row on NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen. 
Born June 8, 1998. From Shizuoka Prefecture
Born September 12, 1999. From Osaka Prefecture
Born August 31, 2004. From the Philippines
Born May 13, 1999. From Hokkaido Prefecture
Born May 29, 2004. From Tokyo Prefecture
Born February 12, 2003. From Osaka Prefecture