(The World's Greatest Animation Dance Team)

Triqstar brings a unique dance style “from Japan to the world.”
This 4-member creative dance unit is made up of Dayoshi, RIHITO, Charlie, and Irukano.
Fusing Japanese elements, animation dance, and playful humor, Triqstar’s original performances have won high acclaim. They attracted a lot of attention by becoming the only Japanese act to reach the Top 6 out of over 1,000 performers from throughout Asia on the international audition program Asia’s Got Talent in May 2015.
Dayoshi accompanied Madonna on her 2006 world tour. RIHITO is also a member of RADIO FISH. Irukano and Charlie are active in a wide range of scenes, from mainstream to underground, including performing, directing, and planning choreography for a certain well-known theme park. They’ve even made a splash overseas.
The team’s solo performance in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was a great success.
In 2018, they won an international dance contest held in Thailand.

Serves as team leader. His talent is known throughout the world, and he has past experience as a supporting dancer for Madonna.
180 cm tall with clean-cut good looks, he also does modeling and commercials. He is also currently a member of RADIO FISH, a group led by the comedy unit Oriental Radio.
A young dancer who is well-known on the street scene. He provides the backbone of the team’s technique. Very considerate.
An all-around performer who can take any genre and make it his own. He adds motion to the team with his physical ability.